LED Lighting: For A Greener Knoxville

LED, or light emitting diode, lighting is the new trend in home and automotive lighting. But is it worth the switch?
How do the energy savings compare to the cost to upgrade?
The answer depends upon the rates you are paying for electricity and how many hours you are using lighting.

A typical LED light will use about 12 to 18 percent of the electricity that a traditional incandescent or halogen bulb would use for comparable light/lumens (the amount of brightness a light gives off).

If half your electric utility bill is comprised of lighting use, you can probably expect roughly an 80% reduction in that half of your bill. or a 40% overall reduction in the electric bill.
This reduction doesn’t include the use of CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs, which are already very efficient but contain dangerous materials and do not last nearly as long. LED lighting does not contain heavy metals such as mercury and last many years longer than CFL bulbs, with average life spans in the 40,000 to 60,000 hour range.

Besides the money saved on your electric bills the use of LED lighting is green. We all know “Going Green” is the “in” thing. But this way saves you money and helps save the environment. Reducing electricity usage in the home is a big step in reducing your carbon footprint.

LED lighting is easily installed in a variety of ways:

  • First, the bulbs can simply be changed in existing fixtures.
  • Second, the trims on recessed lights can be changed into LED style trims, which is very helpful in those high hard to get to ceilings.
  • Finally, new locations can be used to install the latest technology in LED lighting in either recessed ceiling can lights or low profile surface mounted lighting.

LED also comes in a variety of styles.

1. Strips are a very popular form of LED Lighting. These strips can have lifespans decades long depending upon usage. Commonly used for under cabinet and in cabinet lighting.

LED Strip Example

LED Strip Example






2. Replacement bulbs are the largest growing area of use. These LED bulbs replace your current incandescent bulbs in existing fixtures.

Replacement LED Types

Replacement LED Types






3. Decorative uses for LED lighting are becoming very popular. Using it for ambient lighting or to add any color to a space or area with the push of a button.

Accent or Ambient LED uses

Accent or Ambient LED uses







Another big advantage of LED over CFL is the ability to dim, with a proper dimmer, and is a great choice for using as a low level night-light in bathrooms and children’s rooms and dark exterior areas. In a dimmer setting, the cost to run LED is so low that leaving the lights on isn’t so much of a worry.

The important question to ask when considering the value of LED lighting replacement is what is the ROI (return on investment)? As stated at the beginning of this article it depends on the electricity rate you are paying and how many hours you are using the lighting (total kilowatt hours).

The lighting sales industry states that it takes about three to five years on average to recoup the cost of LED lighting when used to replace incandescent lamps. Certainly, LED lighting is more efficient and saves money over time, but it also does a great job environmentally. Again this is due to reduced energy usage and the fact that they last so long, eliminating additional manufacturing tolls on the environment, reducing your carbon footprint.

LED lighting is the future, proving to be greener for the environment, cleaner, safer and more cost efficient in your home. Is it time for you to consider LED lighting for your home?

Call us today if you would like LED lighting installed in your home.

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