Plumbing Leaks Can Cost You Big

Your homes plumbing, under sink, behind shower/bathtub, is part of an simple, necessary network to bring water to your fixtures. This network of pipes and valves require some maintenance and sometimes may require emergency help to repair a leak and prevent severe damage in your home. If a leak is unnoticed or ignored, the potential costs of the plumbing leaks are significant. Below are a few tips and good information to help you along.

Look and listen for leaks:

  1. Your first step to keep the cost of damage low is being attentive in your home. Try to keep an eye out for pooling water or wet spots. The quicker you can spot a water leak, the damage to drywall, flooring and fixtures will be greatly diminished.
  2. Listen for hissing or drips at when the house is quiet particularly at night before bed.
  3. Watch for signs of leaks in the bath or shower usually signaled by low water pressure, colored water or slow drains.
  4. Another indicator is, if you notice excess water on the floor, loose tiles in the tub/ shower surround or warped walls.

Water damage costs

  • Walls: If unnoticed or ignored, a water leak will cause damage to your walls. When pipes running behind walls burst or begin to leak, the drywall gets wet and can eventually this moisture produces wet spots, mold, mildew, and worse. Leaks in the bathroom are easy to miss, especially if you love steamy showers or hot baths. If you notice constant wetness and/or a musty smell, you very well could have a leak. Bizzy B Plumbing & Home Improvement can fix the problem and, if the problem is still in its early stages save you large amounts of time and money. If left untreated or repaired it can lead to costly replacement of walls and the potential of Black Mold can set in, requiring specialists. This can and will be very costly. For Example, 100 sq ft of drywall may cost as much as $600 to replace, while mold remediation can run anywhere from $1000 to $3000 for the same area.
  • Flooring: Another area of concern for damage is flooring and fixtures. Water always moves to the lowest area it can get to, which means, leaks in a kitchen and bathroom will pool on and then under your floors. Indicators of bathroom floor damage can be loose tiles at the tub/shower edge or in the middle of the floor. In your kitchen look for warping/discolored wood, wrinkled linoleum, or loose floor tiles. Particularly near the dishwasher, fridge, or sink cabinet. Hardwood flooring can cost between $10 and $35 per square foot to replace. Replacing single tiles is not expensive as long as they are still available, but the costsĀ  soar if the sub floor of your bathroom or kitchen becomes damaged. Removing and replacing swelled floorboards and installing new tile may cost anywhere from $1000 to $3000. Hardwood replacement cost is even more, while the cost for linoleum replacement is moderate.
  • Fixtures: Leaks or water quality issues can also cause damage to your plumbing fixtures like faucets and shower heads. In some cases, the fixtures may stop working, if a rubber gasket decays and becomes stuck in the line and or may cause severely reduced water pressure. If not repaired, replacement may be the only option. AverageĀ  cost for faucets being between $75 – $500, depending on the brand/style of fixture.

Keeping your repair costs low is easier than you think. Avoid high costs for repair by simply watching for potential issues. If you see any of the indicators listed above, Call us at 865-591-8500 and let Bizzy B Plumbing be there for you. Water leaks are always better tackled immediately, the longer you wait the worse it can be.

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