Oh, How Our Customers Love Us So.

Today we decided to share with you a poem, written and published by one of our customers. He was so moved by the experience that this flash of wit was the only way to express it. We included some images from the job to give you a visual following with the poem.

A Coruscation
This Old House Has A Crack*

*No, I did not say it was a crack-house… nor dies it pertain to anatomy.

As oft upon my reclining chair I would lie
In vacant or pensive mood*
One day I should happen to spy
From the corner of my eye a cloud of green
upon the wall of brown previously unseen.

*Sorry, William Wordsworth, no daffodils in this tale

outside before 2

Why the mold upon the wall
Where before none had been
My fears were not to have a remedy,
As further study would reveal to me
A crack in the foundation, no longer a seal
Water seeping through, a problem with which to deal

Truck n tractor

Come the workmen, true artisans of their trade
With tools of every dimension to secure
The resting place of Twelve and Twenty Four,
Our abode now for forty years less or more
Where our children grew and played
Then one by one left our nest,
And no one stayed.

during outside
For six weeks or more the workmen toiled
Moving the earth to the house’s very core,
Another foundation to add to make it like new.
With concrete poured, then block of stone, then more
Metal rebars, finally sheets of heavy steel
Bolted through and through like an arm in a cast.
There…that should last through any stormy blast.during outside support wall finished

Then Sheet rock and paint the room’s beauty to restore.
Creek beds of rock the water to divert,
New shrubbery and walkways, new fences and gates,
Even a new French door a tired one to replace.
No end of new projects
Still needed to fix up the place.After outside finished

What’s that you say?
The Groups Christmas Party is coming our way!
Hurry, hurry… it will be on the 6th.
We are counting the days then the hours,
And there’s still much left to do.
All hands on deck. not a minute to waste
Yet all in good spirits despite our haste.

It is indeed a miracle of the first order for sure;
In their new frames pictures are coming now
Just where they hang on the walls to decide.
We are now just an hour away from the hour the staff arrive.
Our friend Lance, who has done a masterful job,
Measures the last picture and nails it in place.
It is a photo-finish, but we have won the race.

We breathe a sigh, indeed thankful to the core,
Miss Pat and Cheryl the house decorated so, the tree trimmed to adore.
Here come out friends, our nurses, doctors, and staff.
Great food, good times, fun and laughter fill the house.
No one will ever know the angst and worry, doubts and belief,
Yet in the end finally a measure of marvelous relief!

So whatever the cost in labor and time…
Thanks to our family and friends and mostly in good humor and fun,
We persevered and got the job done!

Charlie R.

Foundation repairs can be costly in time and money to repair. But as you see from this poem, the stress and financial cost are worth the peace of mind. If you have a wter leaking into your home from the outside walls, call us for your peace of mind. Let Bizzy B Plumbing and Home Improvement be there for you.

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